March 30, 2011

The Zodiac Dresser: Aries

Today's outfit post is inspired by the astrological sign Aries as part of a new monthly series here. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and also my own sun sign. Special thanks to Malin Laney Photography and Ty for making these photos possible.
The "youngest" fire sign, I relate Aries to a spark. Normally this sign is associated with the color red (hence my lipstick) but I wanted to represent the icy-blue of a baby flame.
Aries are brave, pioneering and enthused. Their high energy is especially apparent when starting new projects. This sign also tends to love spontaneity, risk and living life on the edge one way or another. What fashion persona better represents that independent and bold spirit than a biker chick?
My earrings and hairstyle are meant to reflect the horns of the ram which symbolizes Aries. I obviously do not know how to ride a motorcycle, I just love anything with wheels.
Named after the Roman god of war, the planet Mars rules this sign. As a result, Aries can be hot-blooded, aggressive, impatient and even combative. (It's not easy being a modern day Ninja.)
However, the influence of Mars also makes Aries excellent leaders, athletes and advocates. This "veni vidi vici" attitude translates to trend-setting and avante garde personal style since Aries likes to "get there first" and then move on. Guess this makes Aires the "leader bike" of the horoscope.
(skirt: thrifted, originally Wilsons leather * top: Deluxe * Docs: Buffalo Exchange * earrings: Tawapa * head thing = "flydana"from Whoa Nellie Deli outside Yosemite)
Some of my favorite notable Aries: Michael Imperioli * Russ Meyer * Gloria Swanson * Charlie Chaplin * Van Gogh * Mary Pickford * Maya Angelou * Ewan McGregor * Marcel Marceau *

Hope you've enjoyed the first of my style explorations into astrological personalities. For more information on astrology, check out The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Woolfolk. (Although not the only astrology book you'll ever need, it is good.)

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  1. I love this post mostly cos my daughter is Aries and just as you describe! I would add "optimistic" to the list of traits and "exciting to be around".

  2. yes, fire signs are well-known for their optimism.

  3. This is so clever! And I love how the tree in the background of the first picture looks like horns/antlers at first glance, very much a perfect Aries detail :) And that leather skirt! HOT!

  4. I like this new series...and you have described my partner to a t. I forgot his birthday this week!!

  5. I think your outfits get better ever time i read your blog. I think that I'm a little obsessed with your headband

  6. haha, I forget birthdays all the time.

  7. ahaha. they're called "fly-danas" and you can mostly find them at gas

  8. This is a really awesome series, and you do look HOT! I think my favorite photo is the third one, where I get a great view of your knee high boots and you look like you are about to take off on the bike. Luv.

  9. I'm a Cancer and I can't get past the crab connotation. It's hard finding inspiration in something that screams CRABS but maybe I'll give it a whirl. You look great, by the way.

  10. thank you! while I will illustrate more clearly come July, some
    elements of cancer to consider are the motherly and water qualities of
    this sign. for me this translates in fashion terms to soft, feminine
    shades of green, blue and purple in loose silhouettes.

  11. Great idea for a series! Can't wait to see what else you come up with. Mystic Medusa also does some fun features on fashion and decor, in relation to the zodiac signs,
    LOVE the juxtapositions in this outfit, btw.
    And thanks for the astro book recommendation, I've been on the search...

  12. This is a great series and I'm an Aries too! I used to be soooo into astrology but kinda got out of it but it's still fascinating how right on it can be! You are adorable!

  13. You look like you're having a great time, which is appropriate, since it's your sign. I sincereky love the sixth pic down ~ your smile/face is so radiant and expression so real. Your boots are called fly-dana's, and you can really get them at gas stations? Or you pullin our legs? Are they comfortable? I mean, i feel compelled to check out boots with my name in them :)

  14. the fly dana is actually the brand of bandana I'm wearing, the shoes are doc martins


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