March 10, 2011

Soul Train, First Stop: Style

I absolutely had to share these AMAZING videos from Soul Train. Not only does the first video feature my beloved Curtis Mayfield, I would wear EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT in it (EVERY!)

The white ballet sandals?! The green overalls and purple shirt?! The mini dresses?! The velour shorts in chartreuse and purple?! A striped ribbed tank?! Bell bottoms that fit well?! I don't know where to stop!!!!!! It's ALL SO GOOD. I could never pick a favorite.

What's that? You want some more?

SILVER PANTS?! All the pants really, so impeccable. The bikini top with full skirt and platforms?! The pink shorts outfit?! Exciting 70s socks?! Is that a printed thermal at 0:19? All the red outfits!!

Oh and THESE DANCERS?!! Where are you all now? I hope you're still beautiful, fashionable and blogging about it.
love, peace and soul everyone!
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  1. Brilliant. My husband has every Soul Train show on DVD and we've been working our way through them. I'm always saying 'LOOK AT THAT SHIRT!' 'THAT DRESS!' 'THOSE SHOES!' It's such a happy, happy show. And of course the music is amazing.
    (By the way I added a close-up of the shoes you wanted to see, on my blog!).

  2. yeah, I wonder if the dancers picked out their own clothes or if there
    was a stylist in charge (guessing the latter) . also wondering where
    these clothes came from-- were they mall fashions or designers or
    custom made for the show?

  3. YAY! This is fantastic. Love!

  4. My husband and I both graduated from high school in 1972, so watching these was like a trip down memory lane! The natural Afros, the pointy collars, the tube tops. And there were no other pants than bell bottoms a person could wear.

  5. I love this! I've never watched the show that closely, but you are right, the clothes are amazing.

  6. UGGHGHHHHHHH!!!! THIS IS SO GREAT! Soul Train makes my soul happy...


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