March 16, 2011

Silver Fever

In preparation for upcoming posts dedicated to the classic Airstream travel trailer, today's post celebrates the color silver. Although made of an aluminum alloy, Airstreams are famous for their silver appearance. If I were to dress like an Airstream....
Silver Fever
Turns out polyvore is kinda addictive, so here are two outfits I'd wear centered on silver dresses:
Silver Fever Outfit: I
Less dressy, more daytime

Silver Fever II

Fancy and Foxy. (Can you tell I'm channeling Jessica Rabbit a teensy bit?)
Be careful! Silver Fever has been known to be contagious and highly communicable!
Keep your eyes peeled for "silver twinkies" on this blog and on the road.
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  1. Oh yes, Polyvore steals your time. Haha

    I am loving that dress with electro-pleated details. I've been into those lately. Too bad the dresses I see in thrift shops are too big for me.

  2. That long-sleeved dress is uh-mazing. It needs to be in my closet!


    All This is Grace and Charm

  3. Ahhhh....I love this! - So fun how Airstream trailer inspired things not trailer at all...LOVE, smart times a million :)

  4. A picture of you in head to toe silver up next to an Airstream and sending off shoots of reflected light would just be so cool.

  5. I want to be an airstream trailer now...

  6. well terri, sadly I could not find any kind of silver lame outfit but
    I do have a couple pretty special outfits in my upcoming Airstream
    feature... I am still keeping my eyes peeled for silver lame clothes
    in my price point


looking forward to hearing from you!