March 01, 2011

Certificate of Pedigree

This outfit was photographed by Melissa Mankins about a week ago. Really my point is:
Click for the larger view to examine my bona-fide certificates of pedigree. For some reason the word pedigree makes me giggle. This skirt, however, makes me speechless because it combines so many awesome elements together such as: trompe l'oiel texture and coins; actual 3D "coins"; fancy dogs; blue ribbons; random pocket watches; and writing. 
(50s skirt: Halcyon Vintage in Richmond, Virginia * shirt: thrifted old navy)
Traits: fancy dog; fancy purse; holding tea cup with pinky out; "personal library"; shoes that lace up. 
Traits: licensed Hello Kitty products; change purse; can't be bothered; mink. 
Interesting waist detail, no? I wonder if this skirt originally came with a top and what it looked like. 
Nails are China Glaze "for audrey" with a coat of Deborah Lippman's "happy birthday." This is my new signature manicure I think, at least for now. It reminds me of glittery easter eggs. 
Normally I never wear rings, but this one is too great. Perhaps this kitty is also a pedigree? What does the word pedigree conjure up in your mind (outside the strict definition)? Any guardians of  pedigrees reading this?
ps: If you can handle it, check out these flickr groups of pedigree dogs living it up or 100% fancy pants cats.

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  1. That is such a fantastic skirt. You wear it well! And I love your nails! I've wanted the Happy Birthday color fo a while now.

    I'm guardian to a pedigree cat, a Maine Coon named Chin. She's almost always at my feet, she's precious.

  2. oh those cats are great! a roommate had one once, he was so friendly
    and fluffy!

  3. my general love of libraries, tea, and snobbishness (aka REFINED) make this one of my favorite posts to date. love the pic of you in mink ear-warmers against the bookcase. propriety balanced with downtown retro chic.

    you know i love those fancy pants cats. now i'm wanting a british short hair for their slightly disapproving and grumpy faces, as if persians weren't hard enough to please.

    while googling your nail polish colors, i just discovered that you can buy polishes on amazon! i just never think of that. do you buy most of yours online or at salons or something?

  4. I buy mine mostly at Sally beauty supply or the drugstore. I did get
    the glitter top coat pictured from ebay, though I don't normally buy
    such pricey nailpolish (this one is too awesome though)

  5. No guardian of pedigree here...admiring the tea cup.


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