February 10, 2011

today's amazing hike in the mariposa grove

originally from 7/10/09

today i hiked an about six mile loop in the mariposa grove, home of the famous giant sequoias. by the way, the mariposa grove and yosemite valley were the first two parts of the park to be officially protected thanks to abe lincoln. here is an excerpt from my journal entry in the grove after seeing 4 out of the 5 deer i saw today:

"here i am, in the famous mariposa grove, hanging out with giants. actually, hanging otu in yosemite is like hanging out with giants all the time, giant rocks, giant trees, giant earth. this one tree is so big tis bark like... a vertical high rise world unto itself. deep grooves have become caves, perfect for a spider's web hammock. parts of those grooves have seen fire too.

i've tried closing my eyes and just listening... bird calls at the pace of traffic, all this buzzing and communication happening.

earlier i saw four deer, i think teenagers, all of them. two were young bucks, my favorite because of their still slender frames and adorable velveteen antlers. i knew my hike would be blessed.

one of these olde timer trees is crocking... i know i won't see one fall, but the reminder of the excitement possible amongst trees is comforting. they have everything to teach us; that's why buddha discovered enlightenment under one and why newton postulated on laws of nature.

i realize it is no wonder then that i long to learn old school carpentry and masonry given my love of trees, rocks and taxidermy.

it creaked again. maybe it's talking to me? even the wind feels like its a personal friend of mine doing me favors."

fallen monarch


this is what they call a fire dependent atmosphere. which is probably why i feel so at home!

these giant trees come from these egg-sized cones!

clothespin tree

the outside of the telescope tree

the inside!

sex and death

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  1. Excited to revit your photos and writing from Yosemite. Definitely some of the best writing I did was on hikes with you (in Oregon). That was real magic.


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