February 07, 2011

Outfit: Kira Loren

What do you get when you combine Kira from The Dark Crystal with Sophia Loren?
Kira Loren, of course, the tiger-eyed gelfling. This hybrid cutie was the inspiration behind yesterday's outfit.
Kira Loren wears lots of brown and amethyst in hourglass silhouettes. Her ears poke out from her back-combed hair.
(*handmade 1950s dress: thrift *shoes: Kitsch * amethyst necklace: the Jasmine Gallery via Yes and Yes contest * seed necklace: Argentina* earrings: Tawapa)
Me explaining why, for whatever reason, sometimes I like blurry photos:
Makeup Moment:
*inner and bottom lids: MAC Avalanche *above crease: YSL "ombres 5 lumieres" #8 (it's a five shadow palette containing shades of  silvery gray, black, pink and purple) *below crease: Nars Jolie Poupee * outside edge of lid: YSL #8 *mascara: L'Oreal Million Eyes*
Kira Loren has to have bedroom eyes that are also big and bright. Dark purple is a less provocative alternative to the classic black or brown smokey eye. It's especially flattering on anyone whose skin has olive or yellow undertones. Also, I am particularly fond of purple lids paired with light green eyes. 
This was my Kira Loren inspired Valentine's manicure. It's Sally Hansen's "instant coffee" under Nicole's "I love you." However, I decided that I can't stand coffee colored polish on me and already switched up: 
Revlon Top Speed in "pink lingerie," which I don't recommend because of the formula. It is streaky and runny, so it takes three coats to look fully opaque. It doesn't dry any faster than regular polish, either. On a more cheerful note, I can't believe I actually won this necklace, it's totally my taste. 
Can you think of any other inspiring fantasy meets retro pin-up hybrids?  

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