February 10, 2011

my first hike in yosemite!

Originally dated 7/4/09

yesterday i finally made it into the park itself. i stopped at three viewing points yosemite valley overlook, washburn overlook and glacier point before hiking 2 miles of the panorama trail (one way) to ilillouette falls (sp?) and back. text in quotes is an excerpt from my journal entry at the falls. if you're wondering why everything seems hazy, there's currently a (managed) wild land fire going on which is fine by me because it's customary to burn incense in church, and nature is my temple.

a river of trees at yosemite overlook

mother earth in full effect at glacier point. you're checking out the famous half dome here.

even a squirrel enjoys this amazing view!

nope, not the fall i hiked to, but pretty incredible, huh?

that's the falls i hiked to. 

here it is up close

"here i am... at my destination... took me a good 10 min to stake out the perfect spot to sit and write in the shade. i love the sound of moving water. why is that water seems calm even when it is rushing by with a roaring gush of sound? i just can't get over how big the rocks are here. seeing the giant expanses of Gaia revealed in her barest form, in this case as an immense granite river bed. parts of it are red and the water has created rough, zig zagging fissures in some parts so it reminds me of a tiger. maybe this part of the river is a reincarnated tiger that died of thirst, its last desire for water finally realized?"

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