February 20, 2011

Kira Loren part II, my first makeup how-to

Hi everyone, today's post was photographed by Malin Laney  yesterday afternoon. To be honest, I did my eye makeup first and planned the outfit around it. The ensuing look is a subtle rendition on Kira Loren. Like last time, the central focus is on a brown 50s wiggle dress and dramatic eyes
If you didn't know, Kira Loren is the hybrid cutie of Kira, from the Dark Crystal, and Sophia Loren:

Detail of waistband:
I had my own version of Fizzgig to hang out with. Fyi, Fizzgig is Kira's pet:
It's gotten chilly again here, even snowed a little.
(*60s coat and purse: Deluxe *shoes: buffalo exchange * 50s dress: thrifted *earrings: Tawapa*)
Part of my subtle homage to Kira was winged details like my feather purse and butterfly nails (close-up later). 

So cute!

Makeup Moment
This is not your traditional Sophia Loren smokey or winged eye but it is dramatic. 
How to:
{please note: I don't believe you need the same products for the same look which is why I'm just naming colors unless asked specifically.}

  1. Apply primer to entire lid
  2. Apply a light silvery green from crease to eyebrow. (variations: light silvery blue, sheer silver or pearlescent ecru)
  3. Apply a bright white shadow into inner rims of eye and blend up towards brow.
  4. On lid and just outside crease apply a shimmery deep mauve shadow and blend. It's ideal to use a rounded brush if you have one. (variations: shimmery brown, shimmery gray) 
  5. Use a wet angled brush with teal eyeshadow, trace a line of medium thickness along upper lashes. I did not choose to wing out the line, but that is a bolder option. Be sure your eyeshadow is the wet/dry variety.  (variations: emerald green, liquid liner)
  6. Optional: use the same shadow dry to lightly trace along bottom lashes. Smudge gently with ring finger. 
  7. Apply lots of mascara or fake lashes if you want to be really dramatic. 
  8. Optional: darken eyebrows. 
  9. Keep lips nude or very neutral. Do not use bright blush. Use bronzer or a peachy blush if not going bare. 

The random butterfly nails (click to enlarge) are inspired by the dainty squid. I used the salon effects strips by Sally Hansen. They're easy to use and ssssooo cool. Also by Sally Hansen is the high definition nail polish in "spectrum." 
I'll end with a polaroid of me and the fizzgig cat:
(sorry for almost flashing you)
I hope round two of a Kira Loren outfit is as popular as the first. Please let me know what you think of the makeup how-to and if I should post more of those. 


  1. beautiful eyes! Admiring the dress and the coat.

  2. i love it! and here's what i love:
    -that dress is a great example of when the "wow" factor is all in the fit.
    -the nude heels show off your foot tattoos to best effect.
    -purse is straight up amazeballs.
    -furry kitty!
    i'm still trying to get into the nails, with some done in the pattern strips and others painted. initially, it looks kind of strange but that might be the secret to not letting those patterns get overwhelmingly busy.

    keep the make-up close ups and tutorials coming! i like that this look isn't too fussy or complicated, meaning i might be able to do it one night.

  3. Love this look, whimsical but still so put together and classic. Great idea to put the butterflies on just a few fingers, very cute.


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