February 28, 2011

Favorites: Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2011

More of my favorites from Fall 2011, this time by Dolce and Gabbana.

Does anyone know the name of this model? She is so gorgeous. 

I like the sexy lace panels.

Hate this so much I love it. 

Smoking hot. 

Like any? Hate any? Thoughts on the pointy toed shoes with socks phenomenon?

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  1. the stars print in the top and fourth images is amazing. i feel like the cut and styling should be a bit more sophisticated, unlike the blue billowy mess--less teen wizards and more astronomy enthusiasts. love the belt bags for their functionality.

  2. Her name is MARIACARLA BOSCONO & she is gorgeous
    the stars remind me of the glow in the dark ones I used to have on my ceiling

  3. thanks for that, turns out I had heard of her before. She reminds me a
    lot of Asia Argento

  4. My Barbie when I wast young had big star earrings, and glittery star jackets. Thus, this show is like a revenge of the nine year old, in all the best ways. People didn't believe in the wearability of the Barbie fashion style.. But here D&G prove otherwise. Also, the blue star cape/dress with small traveler's pouch is a character from one of my medieval fantasy fiction books brought to life. Again, yay fashion.

  5. omg, this totally reminded me of my barbie too, she has the stretchy
    skirts/tube tops with stars. maybe it was a jem themed barbie


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