January 30, 2011

Vintage Clipart: Love's Message

Hi Everyone,
I've been really inspired by the generosity of blogs like The Graphics Fairy and Pugly Pixel so I've decided to digitize and share my own vintage ephemera collection with you. The first goodie I'm providing is perfect for Valentine's Day. Markings on the back indicates that this postcard dates to 1909.
This is the original:
And here is the cleaned up version so you can write in your sweetheart's name:
Finally, I isolated the heart as best I could:
I hope you enjoy this new feature on my blog. All my vintage ephemera will be added to my Vintage Clipart Flickr Set. You are free to use these copyright free images however you wish provided you abide by my terms of use. A link back to my blog or the flickr set would be much appreciated. I'd love to see what kinds of projects these images inspire, so feel free to contribute to my Vintage Clipart Project Gallery.
heart (with an arrow through it),

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