January 25, 2011

Pictures from Sassy Magazine and Why I Like 90s Clothes

Here are a couple random pages I wanted to share from my Sassy Magazine collection (click to enlarge):
(July '94) I find "French Toast" items fairly often in the thrift-store, but rarely in my size. The company is still in business, too.
(February 94) A cutesy dress with cowboy boots, as pictured above, basically is my go-to "uniform" these days.

My relationship to early/mid 90s clothes is different than my relationship to other decade's fashions. I came of age during the 90s so it was when I first developed an interest in style and personal expression through clothing. However, my family was relatively strict so I wasn't allowed to emulate most trends. In particular, I remember wanting high-heeled sneakers ssssooo badly but my mom said they were "too grown up" for my teenaged self. When I found these shoes a year ago, I yelled out "who's all grown up now?!" (Why I sold them months later is beyond me. Must be those Jedi mind tricks that moms know.)
Who else out there is into fashions that they weren't allowed as an adolescent?

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