January 07, 2011

My Trip to New York: Chinatown and Jackson's Heights

Brooklyn was not the only burough I visited. I ventured into Manhattan and Queens as well:
I'm curious how NYC's Chinatown compares with that of L.A.. Do any of you know?
Chinatown is home to one of my favorite eating establishments of all time: Vanessa's Dumpling House. Expect the best, cheapest food of your life but be ready to struggle for a place to sit Obviously they have delicious dumplings, but they also make an AMAZING scallion pancake sandwich filled with pickled veggies and, if you choose, pork or duck (pictured below). Also, there is a great dollar store across the street.
Another must-visit business cum institution is Pearl River, a jam-packed import store:

This is fake money for burning at funerals. I imagine interest rates at the hell bank are pretty steep...
Japanese candy!

Jackson's Heights
Is a predominantly Indian neighborhood in Queens.
Pictured above is Butala Emporium, the best source I've found for devotional items and books.
And this is at the Patel Brothers Grocery store (of which there are actually a couple locations throughout the U.S.). In addition to delicious foodstuffs, they also sell my favorite brand of henna dye, Surya (will show you soon...)
Thanks for joining me! More pictures here.

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