January 18, 2011

I Heart the Owl Sweater

This monday, I'm celebrating the owl sweater, which is not actually a sweater, but a cardigan. Me and my friends have been calling it the owl sweater for years (yes, some of my clothes have names.)
It is the best. We were meant to be, fate brought us together. The owl sweater entered my life when my bff's aunt gave her a trunk of clothes that had been in their family for generations. She and I looked through the trunk together, and right away I was drawn to the owl sweater. But it wasn't mine. Even though she didn't want it, it stayed with the family, stored away in her mom's closet. I'd always ask about it though, to make sure it was okay, albeit unused. Then one day, years later, her mom broke down and declared that I could have the sweater but it would be up to me to find it! It had been packed in a closet with maybe a hundred other sweaters. When I opened the door, I was overwhelmed. I threw my arms up and declared "how?!".  I swear to you, the owl sweater fell onto the ground. If my bff hadn't witnessed it, I wouldn't believe it either. All those years, the owl sweater had pined for me, as I had for it. Finally, we were united.
Normally I wear it over fancy dresses, but I was in no mood to wear a fancy dress the day my friend S. took these photos. (I don't like wearing sweaters or cardigans with pants if they are shorter than the top worn underneath because it cuts me up proportionally.)
Not to make you sad, but the stars were colored until I handwashed this once. Now it seems too delicate to be worn on but the most special of occasions which is why it lives at my parents' house and not with me out west any more.
Like me, the owl sweater is sensitive, but wears its heart on its sleeve anyways.

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  1. No wonder your sweater has a name, it is fantastic beyond words.
    I do believe in love af first sight with clothes.
    Mil besos and a wonderful day my friend.

  2. Fab!!
    Lady Peach


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