January 08, 2011

Forever Marked by Friendship

Do you have a best friend for life? I'm so grateful to say that I do. She is the only non-blood relative with whom I'd get a tattoo. After discussing it for nearly ten years and dozens of missed opportunities, we finally did it:
key tattoos
(Sorry for the blurriness, my macro function sucks. mine is the bottom tattoo.)
We each got a key on our inner left arm so it would always be close to our hearts. Although we are very different people, we both approach life as an opportunity for ceaseless growth and learning, as symbolized by the key.
So what makes someone your best friend, besides knowing each other a long time?
A Best Friend Is Someone Who...
*doesn't judge you, no matter what.
*has seen you at your worst, ugliest moments but still loves and accepts you.
*can make fun of you, but will get defensive if someone else does so.
*is respectful of your choices and beliefs, even when he/she doesn't agree.
*considers your opinion important.
*loves it when you act like a total goofball, but
*still knows when to take you seriously.
*listens to you with patience and compassion.
*knows how to make you laugh.
*makes you feel positive about yourself, past, present and future.

Anything I've left off the list?

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  1. You are very lucky!!!
    I must say that my best friends are my daughters in everyway.
    Have a wonderful Sunday my friend.

  2. Such beautiful tattoo's, such a beautiful meaning. <3


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