January 12, 2011

Fancy Lady and Melina Bee at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Introducing my foxy friend "Fancy Lady." She was my first ever thrift buddy, but I wanted to be her friend even before I knew we shared a passion for the area Goodwills.
I first noticed her in the cafeteria my freshman year of college. I timidly approached and asked "Do you know the artist R. Crumb?" to which she responded "no". "Well," I said "you remind me of one of his women. I totally understand if, after you look him up, you decide to avoid me. If not, we should be friends." Much to my relief, she joined me for lunch the next day and we've been pals ever since. At the time, I worked on a semi-autobiographical comic book and formed a character named "Fancy Lady" after her.
She's a thrift queen and found this vintage "Alley Cat" by Betsey Johnson dress for $1. She's got mad skillz like that . 
Here is a goofy photo of me in front of one of my all-time favorite paintings, "Green Wave" by Inka Essenhigh.
Close up of my bag made by Kookai nearly ten years ago.
"Buddha Watching TV" by Nam June Paik
Fancy Lady's outerwear
View outside the VMFA
A beautiful historic property that I think belongs to the Virginia Historical Society (in background).
Detail of Fancy Lady's dress. 
And saving the best for last...
Let me emphasize that she submitted this self-portrait totally unprovoked. Hopefully she'll be doing some guest blogging here soon,
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  1. Oh i wish I could see that museum! Lovely dress by the way :)



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