January 20, 2011


Last Saturday I visited DC to catch up with a dear college friend. We walked around one of the prettier neighborhoods, Dupont Circle.
What home isn't improved with a griffin bench?! Also, you see that my winter strategy is to wear earmuffs. They really are warm.
Victorian glass always makes my heart throb, cause I'm a dork that way.
This building is a great example of conservative Victorian eclecticism. Although the overall theme is medieval (the tower for example) it also contains mild elements of classicism (the blasters to the far right). I've noticed, overall, that in Virginia and DC, Victorian buildings are far more restrained than out west.
Speaking of restrained, it seems like this building's creative subconscious is trying to break through an otherwise austere personality.
This door is amazing, particularly because of its exaggerated hinges. Is it just me, or do you think they are intended to contain backwards initials? I keep seeing "MB" but figure it could just be my narcissism... In other news, we also visited this amazing exhibit about Central Asai Ikat at the Textile Museum that is on display until March. If you like color, culture or textiles, you really should go.
Well folks, that's all the east coasts posts I have,

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