December 02, 2010

Mixed-up Schoolgirl the Studio

A few days ago, I photographed my friend Amelia in the lighting studio. She was kind enough to snap a few pics of me, too. In retrospect, I'd describe this outfit as "mixed-up schoolgirl" because the plaid dress is 100% Sally Draper but the rest is completely haphazard.
(*50s sweater: Nobody's Baby *60s dress and 70s cowboy boots: thrifted* earrings: Tawapa*)
There has been a modified plastic baby-doll in the studio all term. I know I shouldn't touch other people's stuff, but it reminded me too much of a Brothers Quay prop to resist...
Here is a Brother's Quay video if you're unfamiliar:

A detail shot that I adore:

I'll end today's post with a photo of Amelia so as to entice you to visit her blog and/or my flickr set to see the rest. 
Hope you've enjoyed today's somewhat scattered post.
By the way, if you live in the Eugene area and are interested in doing some modeling...

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