December 30, 2010

lbd: la Mediterranea

And now the very last of my posts in the one lbd, eight festive ways series, photographed by Malin Laney. Today's outfit is based on the imaginary Fellini film of my psyche called "La Mediterranea," in which the female lead (me) explores the Amalfi coast and Greek Isles on her yacht.
If I look annoyed, it's because I'm forced to deal with male Fellini characters, the most frustrating men ever.
(*vintage Ferragamo sandals: thrifted * bracelet and necklace: gifts from Greece*)
The inspiration behind this look is my favorite lipstick ever, Dior's Haute Couleur in "Red Muse." It is more than lip color-- it is Monica Belluci and Taormina sunsets in a tube. It is weightless and yet somehow richly pigmented. On me, the shade resembles a pink lady apple and also a bit like Betty Draper's lipstick at the end of Season 4. The abundant pink notes are flattering and feminine, not cheesy. I'm convinced I can do anything while wearing this lipstick, including handle the pain of a foot tattoo "like a gangsta."
Well, I hope you've enjoyed these outfits based around one lbd and my eight lip colors. Since there are so many lipsticks, so little time, please share your favorite lip products in the comments (pictures are appreciated!)
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