December 24, 2010

lbd: house party

Today's outfit from my one lbd, eight festive ways series has just a touch of my beloved Vicky Talluso, thanks to the yellow boots which I will forever associate with my favorite literary bad-girl. Today's photos (as well as my original Vicky set) were taken by Malin Laney. I'd wear this outfit to a house party with bands. (PS: these were the first photos we took in the series; I hadn't fully warmed up to the camera yet, hence why I look akward and stiff).
Ideally, I'd have worn colorful eye-makeup and straight hair but it went against the rules of this series.
(*1960s boots: Nobody's Baby * vintage belt: Deluxe * earrings: by Bird Crap*)
You recently saw YSL Rouge Pur lipstick #3 on me here. It adds lots of sheer coppery-peach shimmer for a subtle but lush pout. Also, this lipstick is great layered over dark lipsticks to add depth. Sometimes I'll dab it just in the very middle to make lips look fuller. I hope you haven't gotten tired of this series yet since there are two posts left. Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season!


  1. Melina, those earrings are incredible! I have some smaller black-and-white feather earrings, but I feel like I need to up my game and buy some Bird Crap in January!
    The yellow accents are great, too.... I'm loving this look.


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