December 22, 2010

lbd: glitter alice

It's time for another post in my one lbd, eight festive ways series. All photos of me were graciously taken by Malin Laney. As you know, each outfit's "personality" is based on a lip-color. Today's look reminds me of Alice (in Wonderland) because of its feminine and youthful accents. Accordingly, I'd wear this outfit to sunday tea during the holidays. 
Full disclosure: I had to photoshop out a visible part of my bra, which is why my back looks funny and shadowless. 
(* shoes: thrifted * socks: Italy, Calzedonia * 1930s celluloid comb worn as necklace: Nobody's Baby * 1950s bracelet: thrifted*)
I was inspired by MAC lip gloss in "Cherry Electric." It is loaded with large and small glitter particles, as well as massive shine and shimmer. When worn alone it gives only a hint of sheer color, making it ideal for daytime fun. Worn over  lipstick,  the impact is much more dramatic. Because it is so shiny and glittery, "Cherry Electric" will also make your lips appear fuller. 
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