December 29, 2010

Inspiration: My Favorite Sassy Editorial of All Time

I realize I need to share my inspirations with you more. So let's go back in time, just a little... when teen magazines featured clothing adolescents could actually afford to buy with their after-school jobs...
Sadly, Sassy went out of publication by the time I was allowed to buy teen magazines. However, I was so nerdy that the local librarians knew me by name and remembered my interest in the magazine. When the library got rid of its old Sassy issues, they actually gave them to me. (Sometimes it pays to be a bookworm!) This particular fashion spread from September 1994 was and remains my absolute favorite.
I thought this model was the most electric, beautiful and charismatic girl alive. I loved her two-tone hair and 1000-watt smile.
Where my lifelong obsession with tulle skirts/tutus began. 

This picture made me covet creepers like none other (never did buy a pair).
There were a couple other images, but it was these six outfits that imprinted themselves forever into my psyche as the ultimate representations of cool. You can see more images from my Sassy collection at my flickr set


  1. i love this! and it obviously paid to be a bookworm in your case... it's a treasure collection today :) keep it safe!
    and it's a paradox that nowadays teen models advertise all the gucci-shnucci clothes that are aimed and affordable only to women in their late 20's, 30's etc! x


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