December 07, 2010

I heart: christmas craftiness

This Monday I am celebrating christmas craftiness, all kinds, but mainly of the miniature persuasion. Sorry to  start by spoiling the surprise for some people on my christmas list, but I'm making personalized sock monkey figurines as gifts.
The pin speaks to the craftiness of a different era; it was handmade in the 50s (recently found at Nobody's Baby.) I can't wait to wear it all the time now, all the while wondering who its creator may have been.
This is an "action shot" of me creating a sock monkey. Actually, the real purpose of this photo is to illustrate my current nail color ("blue icing" by Sally Hansen). The photo doesn't do justice to the varnish's abundance of silver glitter (small and long kinds). It reminds me of snowflakes and winter wonderlands, but I'd wear it all year. (note: repeat aqua and brown combo.)
And now for something completely different...
Lamby-cake!! Brought to you me by Amelia. The final image of today's post is not for the squeamish
warned you! What have you been crafting?

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  1. It is all sooooooooooo lovely: the little pink lamb and the nail polish cannot be beaten.
    I will show you what I am doing soon.


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