December 13, 2010

holiday lbd: casual, nude lips

This monday I'm posting my first real outfit in my series about one lbd worn eight ways, each inspired by a lip-color. This look is very casual, easy-going. Maybe it's their association with the 60s, but nude lips give off a  "free spirit" vibe for me. I'd wear this to a get-together at a tavern with colleagues or friends.
Tip: You can make just about any short dress go from frilly to fun with cowboy boots and a denim jacket. Probably even a bridesmaid dress.
I didn't realize until now that I chose nude colored accessories (belt, cuff) to match the lipstick.
Finding the right nude shade isn't easy, but there are so many out there, it's only a matter of time. I think this is particularly complex because both the depth and tone of the color are significant factors, as well as your natural skin and lip color.  My one suggestion is when in doubt, go one shade darker as it is less likely to wash you out. (This lipstick is by a brand I think no longer exists, called Pretty Pretty, is slight lighter in real life.)
(All components of outfit were thrifted except for earrings by Tawapa and necklace by a local mfa student.)
(and ignore where I was overly zealous with the iron, mmkay?)
Thanks for reading, more ways to style the same dress later this week.
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  1. I have missed some of your posts, now up to date, after beeing away visiting my daughter.
    I love you in those cowboy boots and the styling according to the lip- colour you wear. Such a great idea.
    Looking forward to more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i love this look, a lot!

  3. is that sword necklace LUCITE?

    i dig it.


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