December 16, 2010

holiday lbd: artsy, dark lips

Todays post continues my holiday series on one lbd worn eight different festive ways inspired by eight different lip-colors. All photos of me were taken by Malin Laney. This outfit is for a holiday art opening.   I am pretending to hold a glass and appear sophisticated:
(*shoes and vintage slip: Kitsch * handmade earrings: a street vendor in Genoa*)
These are my best attempts at following Malin's direction to "look serious about the art."I sorta look like a thug in the top photo. (I'm the art gallery's bouncer/critic?)  My lipstick appears far more red in the photos than it really is because Malin took these photos after my lips were already stained by red pigment.
"Even Deeper Thoughts: by Jill Handy" or "Is That a lightbulb or part of the installation?"
Here's a close-up of my lovely 60s slip, the earrings and lipstick. I'd been afraid to try dark lips for a while, but it's a very easy way to look dramatic and mysterious. I imagine this particular shade, "Deepest Wish by MAC", would look great on anyone with olive or warm-toned skin. Normally I skip the liner and just wear "a buttload of mascara" to quote the saleslady who introduced me to this shade. Any fans of dark lipstick out there?
Thanks for joining for round two, I think I'll choose red lips for my next post
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