December 10, 2010

eight lipsticks + one lbd= eight holiday looks

      Over the next two weeks, I'll be posting a series of eight potential holiday outfits all derived from one lbd, each one inspired by a shade of lipcolor. Although there is some overlap, each outfit is intended for a different type of festivity or crowd. [These are not neccessarily outfits I plan on wearing (or have) but  definitely would.] The idea is that everything fits into one duffel bag and hair and makeup (besides lips) stay the same.
(overlay courtesy of puglypixel)
       Like I said in my last post, makeup inspires me because I love to play with color. You  already know how versatile I find dresses, most especially the little black dress ("the perfect neutral platform for accessories" says Tim Gunn). Also outfits for parties are the best, duh. 

     The photos in this post were taken with no lip-color or accessories, just "neutral". I chose this particular lbd (thrifted from the halloween rack) because:
  1. velvet + winter = sense
  2. fit
  3. one special detail 
  4. open backs rule 
         I am super grateful to Malin Laney for so generously taking over 100 photos of me in under three hours for this series. We took all the photos in that one session about two weeks ago. I hope you all will enjoy reading those posts as much as I did imagining them. Happy Holidays!

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