December 08, 2010

communication + constructive criticism = better blog

     Did you know I heart you? Seriously, there are so many blogs out there, it elates me that you'd take the time to look at and read mine. I hope to always improve both my design and content. As you may have noticed, I've been making some changes around here, like the three column layout and new header. I'm also making buttons, improving navigation and planning some posts I'm pretty excited about. (Also hoping to continue to work on the header!)
    Since I am so motivated to tweak the blog, I wanted to hear your thoughts (respectfully of course). What would you like to see more of? less? What elements of design do or do not work for you? Tutorials I should see? Fashion advice? Favorite posts? Least favorites posts?
    Also, I'd like your thoughts on photos specifically. I sometimes round corners, sometimes don't, also sometimes make images look vintage or polaroid etc. Does the inconsistency bother your? Or maybe you'd like to see more of it? Please let me know what you think would make this a better blog (including resources) in the comments. 
heart, heart, heartZ,


  1. Do whatever you would like, it's look great so far! xx

  2. Hi, I really love the look of your blog (and your banner). I've just seen your tweet. :-) I think you've got the right balance and personally I think it's nice to mix it up and have some vintage style photos with polariod. Whatever style fits in with the post you are writing.

    The only thing to mention is that a few of your photos are quite dark/blury but in the main, they are really very lovely. I can see you put a lot of thought into them. Wishing you the best of sucess. :-)

  3. Your blog is getting better and better. I love big photos where i can see details, because I like to take my time, and look at them.
    Are we following each other???? I cannot find myself amongst your followers!!!!

  4. Love the new header :) Great layout

    I agree with Louise on the photos. Most of them are brilliant but occasionally I guess the weather is against all of us and taking shots inside can be hard.

  5. Hi.. thanks for visiting my blog..
    well, I've seen some of your posts and actually I like your habit to change your photo style (vintage,polaroid, etc) because it won't bore your readers..
    In fact its the matter of creativity.. So it's really good.. :)

  6. I have been tweaking my blog too! It's so tough to get all the margins right and the right buttons because even if you have a visually nice blog- alot of the balance to a blog is subconscious. I think a lot about making sure my blog has balance and enough depth not to overwhelm or underwhelm the reader.. It's all about the tweaking! :)


looking forward to hearing from you!