December 10, 2010

christmas elf of the woodland variety

My obsessive outfit dujour channels a woodland christmas elf.
Wearing all these shades of green helps me blend in amidst the christmas-tree farms I frequent. 
(*hat: Portland boutique last year * shirt: Sailor Jerry store a few years ago * vintage homemade dress worn as skirt: flea market, Buenos Aires * vintage boots: goodwill * vintage purse: thrifted * tights: Wolford* vintage pin worn on hat: Nobody's Baby*)
You know, just hanging with my woodland pal. 
Some details:
How festive is this satchel? I have no idea where it is from originally (no tags inside), do you?
The hat is to conceal my elfin-ears while in an urban environment. 
The dress is made of this very heavy eyelet that is like lacy camouflage. 
      My christmas spirit has chanelled itself into baking this year. Yesterday I made my first ever cake from scratch using my 1930s recipe book (two actually). Although the cakes did not turn out aesthetically pleasing (by my standards) they do taste totally delicious with nice texture. I adapted recipes for "prize devils' food cake" and "mocha frosting". A friend who joined me for a slice remarked "you have many aprons, how can you not bake?" Excellent point. 
I'll end with my christmas candy nails:
(China Glaze "party hearty" over Sally Hansen "white out", box of junior mints left over from seeing "The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest")
Are you feeling and looking festive lately?


  1. I was gonna say the exact same thing as Liz. Completely love it all... the pin reminds me of a craft *I* did in elementary school! But, uh, not with pearls. And that bag is amazing. You look very elfin with your hair flipping out from the hat, I think.
    I am also jealous that you're in short sleeves in December. Whaaaat??

  2. Your nails are so cool!

  3. I shall "borrow" this look and pair a fun skirt with my boots soon. :)


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