December 20, 2010

Blogging Sock Monkeys

This monday, I am celebrating two sock monkeys I made of favorite bloggers while christmas crafting:
When she isn't blogging, this figurine also does hair and makes bows.
I left the white unblended because I was trying to replicate the spotted quality of sock yarn, but wasn't so successful.

For extra entries in her Simple Times giveway, I made an Agent Lover (Marie) sock monkey, but also just cause. (Fyi: the winged eyes were Marie's suggestion.) 
I will make her new, better sunglasses soon.

You can see more at my flickr sculpy sock monkey set.  Also I am considering starting an small etsy shop making personalized and celebrity sock monkeys. (For now, if interested contact me at adeerable at gmail dot com and bless your heart.) 
Thanks for tuning into the world of sculpy sock monkeys with me! 

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