November 19, 2010

Subtle Military Palette

Yesterday's outfit was very subtlety military inspired because of the khaki green of this dress. I thought of the yellow and silver details as a nod to medals of honor.
(*50s dress and 60s boots: Nobody's Baby* vintage cardigan and belt: Deluxe* earrings: Tawapa)
This is the dress by itself only the unflattering fold is not normally there (woops).
Now for something completely different, here is a picture of last night's dinner:
That's Dolsot Bimbibap, a korean dish with rice, beef, egg, veggies and shrimp that comes in a sizzling stone pot. The rice on the bottom of the dish becomes very crispy and saturated with flavor by the time you get to the end. Also the dish is served so hot that for a few minutes you are forced to stop and listen to it sizzle, a form of food meditation if you will. I wasn't introduced to korean food until this past July and now I have to eat this about once a week. In addition, this particular restaurant (Korea House) is a 100% ma-and-pa operation, my favorite. Is there a dish you only recently discovered that equally tempts you?
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  1. Lovely dress, interesting background material. Love the clash with the yellow belt and adorable boots.
    Un abrazo.


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