November 18, 2010

Soft Palette in 3 Parts

I wore this outfit to teatime on Sunday. Living in a wet cold climate plus my inability to be uncomfortable for even a moment sorta forces me to approach the day in layers. I was not so happy with the quality of these photos, so, as usual, I mask that by pretending they are polaroids. Also makes my kitchen seem less mundane.
I featured the heart necklace in my last post. I can't tell how old it is, but it is vintage. The other "necklace" is actually what I'm coining "found art" jewelry. It is a 1920s or 30s retractable comb. Here is a closeup of the back of my jacket (thrifted) and the comb:
(patch from Andy and Bax Surplus Store in Portland)
(heels and sweater: Deluxe)
The 30s inspired knit dress was a gift from my friend G.'s former roommate. She gave away some of the most incredible dresses a couple years ago. Knit dresses rule. Thanks for joining me for another outfit post,


  1. Not many people can pull off a knit dress as well as you do. You really look lovely with your layers, and that wonderful smile. Love your kitchen, too.
    Un abrazo my friend.

  2. i love that dress and how it fits to you!

  3. those heels are foxy! look great with your tattoo!

  4. I really like the shoes, and the comb as a necklace idea is inspired!


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