November 22, 2010

rain rain go away

This Monday I am celebrating my love/hate relationship with the rain. I'm originally from Virginia, so I didn't grow up getting used to weeks and months of slow, steady rain. At times, the moody Oregon skies make me feel a kinship with Lord Byron (and also the protagonists from Fern Gully). And at other times, I'm tired of everything I own getting wet. Yesterday I decided to celebrate my polarized relationship with "liquid sunshine":
I wanted a blue palette to represent the rain. I also to stay warm which is where the tan and brown shades come in.
(*thrifted components: coat, belt, vintage shirt, purse* 50s dress, worn as skirt: Nobody's Baby * hat: free pile, tag reads "Mad Bomber"*)
The reason I look especially goofy in these pictures is because my (off camera) friend was acting like she was the assistant of a mid-century child-photographer, waving her arms and saying things like "look at the birdie!" However, I figure blogs are about real people and real people do look goofy from time to time, especially me. The photo below reveals not only my goofball side, but also my inner Kiera nature (see The Dark Crystal).
Here is the outfit without all the external layers. I am always super stoked to find vintage knitwear since it often doesn't survive in good condition. This late 30s or early 40s top surprised me due to the exaggerated lapel. And in conclusion, here is an environmentally-themed accessory tableau:
(all items thrifted or found)
One of the most magical aspects of the rain is all the moss and lichen it lets flourish. When you take a forest hike here in the rain, it is almost like entering a Jim Henson movie because there is so much moss/lichen cover the trees and rocks that they look like fuzzy puppets waiting to come alive. (a perfect complement to my inner Kierra nature).
What are your general feelings and perceptions of the rain and do you get much of it?
Stay Dry!


  1. When my boyfriend and I visited the PacNW this summer, one of our favorite parts was the plant life. Here in the Bay Area, things get pretty brown and crispy by May. It was a real treat to see such lush, green plants everywhere we went. But when it was pouring buckets as we rode bikes through Eugene, you can believe we would have taken the sunshine in a heartbeat :P

  2. There is a word for rain named after my county in Austria :D In Salzburg it "rains strings" It 's renowned for continuous rain. Here in England it rains a lot too, but it rarely carries on for long. A day here, a few hours there and the sun peeks out inbetween. :)

    I am not much of a fan of rain, but a warm summer rain or sunshiney rain (that 's always amazing) can be a welcome breath of fresh air. And there is always the smell afterwards to look forward to :) The bitter copper taste, the wet soil,. wouldn't want to miss it :D

    Love your outfit - the blue layer as well as your cold prevention layer :D


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