November 13, 2010

Lavender shoes and a messy french braid...

were the highlights of my outfit today. I gave dearest Amelia a ride to the mall since it was near an errand I had to run. She said we should take pictures there but I protested that there were fluorescent lights and no interesting backgrounds. But then I saw this:
and quickly changed my mind, since there happens to be a skylight above it and how did this elephant know I like pink eyeshadow?
Oh, did I mention my sunglasses were lavender as well?
(*70s sunglasses * 50s skirt and contemporary shoes: Kitsch *Edwardian jacket: Nobody's Baby)
(not at the mall) Really in love with this jacket. Can't believe it's 100 years old and feels completely relevant. Just goes to show that fashion often moves in one direction: reverse.
I also tried my hand at a french braid, something I've never mastered:
Um, messy, but it is a french braid. The clip was a surprise made for me by a longtime friend. When I was first getting to know her, we took a walk near some dogwoods and she paused to explain the flower's art historical symbolism. That moment really endeared her, and the dogwood, to me. I'm sure we can all recall some small detail that hinted at a future-dear-friend's character. How's this for endearing...
the world's smallest pocket-knife (worn as a pendant).


  1. LOVE the pocket knife pendant!!!!

  2. Loving the lavender shoes!!
    Lady Peach

  3. I think your messy french braid is just perfectly disheveled :D


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