November 29, 2010

I heart: aqua and chocolate brown

As you know, I am quite sensitive to color combinations. I have a proclivity for shades of blue and brown together. Aqua and chocolate is a particular favorite:
These photos were taken at a friend's house in the country. She has an adorable blog for her art and comics.
Sorry for the blurriness, just really wanted you to see the amazing playhouse her dad built. What a cool place for your literal and/or inner child to hang out!
(*90s Guess overalls: yard sale *70s boots: thrifted *50s sweater: Nobody's Baby * tights: Japan*)
(I'll feature the coat more prominently in another post, it's from Deluxe).
Here is an accessory tableau celebrating the aqua-chocolate palette:
The heart charm was a blog giveaway prize I've shown past Mondays. The lipstick is "deepest wish" and the shadow is "tilt" both by MAC. I generally wear only mascara with such dark lipstick (brown-black, really) but I also love paring it with a light, shimmery lid sometimes. The booklet is pretty special and reflects my fascination with anachronisms...
 Printed in 1937 by the Baker's Chocolate Company, the booklet strongly reflects the Colonial nostalgia and revival of that decade. (Note: this was also when Colonial Williamsburg was created.) Interestingly, the company takes its name from the founder, Walter Baker, not the baker profession. Here is a favorite "spread":
Yum! With the holidays coming up, should I try a hand at a vintage cake recipe or two, maybe?


  1. Great, I can see you much better in this photos. Love, love your boots.

  2. oh, that jumper is too good!

  3. yes!! definitely make that cake. ps i LOVE those overalls

  4. I love you colour choices! And that books looks very appealing indeed!

    I found your post via Much Love Monday.

  5. Love that ! Make me feel like trying brown and blue together !

  6. i really like your blog! funnily enough, stumbled across it looking for- what do people wear in argentina :)
    new follower!

  7. I like this blog very much. I want this recipe book.  This book contain so many my favourite recipe that it  chocolate cakes recipe.  All pictures are posted by her  are so nice one.


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