November 26, 2010

Grateful to be Goofy (in pretty clothes)

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful to be goofy (as in "harmlessly eccentric" and "silly" not "foolish"). No, really-- finding joy and humor in life has got to be one of the greatest gifts ever. It is so easy to get bogged down in petty details and social politics. Living and laughing from your inner kid = the cure to  takinglifetooseriously-itis.
Maybe ten years ago, I volunteered in a retirement home where a Ms. Bonaparte ("no relation") told me "Never let anyone steal your joy, and people are gonna try to steal your joy, so you gotta hang on to it." I didn't understand her one bit at the time.
Since then,  I realized that there are many people out there who will harsh on your goofiness, ie, your unique perception of and interaction with the world, IE YOUR JOY. Be strong. Goofiness is bliss. Real friends compliment your goofiest outfits, applaud your goofiest ideas, and make you feel even goofier when you're together.
Goofiness is what gives me the confidence for photos. Last night I helped out a student who needed a model. His project dealt with plastic surgery, so he had all these funny props. I couldn't resist goofing around with these wax lips in front of my own camera before going home.
(*1950s wool dress: thrifted, Portland * 70s shoes: Nobody's Baby * earrings: Tawapa*)
Speaking of goofy, check out these rather odd shoes. They are both old-ladyish and childlike. The color is so off it is on again. The cut outs and decorative stitching perplex me in the most delightful of ways. It's like having my aesthetic bone tickled, I'm laughing, sorta reluctantly but liking it too. Linda, at Nobody's Baby, said these were platforms for people afraid of platforms. Unbelievably, they fit like a dream and are really comfortable. Also, they remind me of my blogger heroine at White Lightning. Your thoughts and how would you wear them?
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Are you grateful to be goofy?


  1. Always fighting to keep my Goofy heart alive. I am glar to know that i am not alone hehehehe.
    Love your outfit, and I wish I could see every bit of it better.
    Un abrazo and happy thanksgiving .

  2. Haha we should have a goofy posing club or something.
    Love that dress, by the way. Sadly, I am too short to wear those types of vintage dresses.

  3. I like these shoes a lot. Feel like they could be in anthropologie catalogues. That place always has great shoes that are really clunky but also solid ya know? Not sure if those are solid and sturdy, but they look it from here.

  4. i cherish your goofiness and always will!
    now, about those shoes...i really think they look great with the striped tights and vintage, but can also see pairing them with more mod black and white outfits. something with piping. at first i thought they were low-top, high heeled sneaker-oxfords (the cut-outs look like stripes), so thanks for the close up!


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