November 23, 2010

first snow and scarab nails

At around 12:30 am, I witnessed the first snow of the season here before falling asleep. I was surprised to wake up 8 hours later to find it had stuck:
I know, not what some of you call snow, but hey! I hopefully got some fun shots with my Diana, too, but that's for another time. And now for something completely different...
How sweet are these "scarab nails"? The color is Orly's Space Cadet, but the photo can't quite capture how amazingly iridescent it is. The color changes from red to gold and turquoise with very fine sparkle. My absolute favorite, I hope they make more of it before I run out. Any nail polish recommendations?


  1. Love the fresh white snow.( no snow here) and your nails adorable.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Oh what a pretty color.

    btw, his face is to illustrate my face looking at the babies.

  3. Ooh I love Space Cadet by Orly! Sadly it's not in my possession (yet), I have seen it on other blogs too and it's so pretty :).


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