November 08, 2010

Fall Look: Wearing Metallics Casually

Malin Laney and I took advantage of sunset's soft light last Wednesday to capture an outfit I had on before a scheduled indoor photoshoot. (Note: no photoshop today!)
Maybe my favorite aspect of the fall and winter fashion is the abundant use of metallics, sequins, glitter etc.. Really, though, I just love shiny things year round, hence my love of the Airstream.My approach to keeping this mini-dress from Deluxe informal is to pair it with soft matte fabrics like jersey and knit:
The indie shirt is from Argentina and depicts one of my favorite actresses Asia Argento. The text is miswritten French for "Asia said: I like hard rock." Although offensive to some, the shirt certain keeps the dress from looking stuffy!
Knits will also keep you warm:
*hat: Portland
*scarf: A yard sale score, this is a quiviut, a type of knit especially from Alaska made from musk-oxen wool. It is exxxxtreeemmeeeely soft and warm and light-weight, like unbelievably so. By the way, this is the natural color of the fiber.
Really into fall now. Playing with leaves is my favorite childhood memory of this season. Yours?

*60s pirate boots: Deluxe
*coat: thrifted (Va.)
I love how the lamp post looks aflame.
Here are two pictures from our indoor shoot that I thought were great:
(Obviously this is the top of the dress)
Thanks for joining, let me know if you also have either a predilection or approach to metallics.


  1. love metallic fabric at ALL times...M. u look beautiful!

  2. That shirt made me LoLoL- it definitely does keep the dress from looking stuffy! Definitely my fave autumn memory is eating apple pie!! :D And of course, playing with the leaves- can't leave that out.

  3. love your smile ! :)


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