October 19, 2010

Vintage 1970s Dashiki in the Garden

Interesting how clothes from the thrift store's halloween rack are reincarnated as everyday staples in my wardrobe. Case in point, this amazing 1970s American made dashiki. Found its twin in red, too. Thanks to Malin Laney for the garden photos of my current obsessive outfit dujour.
This is an improvised tribute to American Gothic, one of my favorite paintings.
*1970s Grandpa Sweater: thrifted (Portland)
*1970s bag: thrifted
*vintage boots: thrifted (NYC)


I forgot to show Malin the amazing and dramatic sleeves, so I had Kendra at Indelible Ink Tattoo help out a few days later. However, it is not a good idea to wear this dashiki while washing dishes or working in a darkroom I've learned.
Butterfly Effect!
*necklace: Argentina

I wanted to end with the above photo because I like how my marilyn piercing caught the light but most of my face didn't.
See you soon and eternal thanks!

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