October 14, 2010

Halloween x Faux Flapper

As the shoes from my previous post indicated, I am really excited for Halloween. I love to celebrate the morbid and macabre, not to mention costumes, fantasy and revelry. What you don't know, however, is that I am also totally obsessed with  "Boardwalk Empire," a show set in prohibition-era Atlantic City. So, let's multiply halloween by flapper-style and we get:
*90s does 20s faux flapper dress: $2 from the Nobody's Baby yard sale. Totally easy breezy, it moves really wonderfully. I feel very sassy and enjoying moving jauntily about my surroundings.
*Anatomical socks: Betsey Johnson. So awesome!

*1970s Grandpa sweater: thrifted (Portland). There are better cover-ups for this look, but this is the absolute comfiest. Maybe it is like the flapper got cold and had to borrow her aging sugar daddy's sweater? ( Don't judge-- beaded gowns ain't cheap!)
There is fringe at the top and bottom of the dress. Here's a closer look:
*Vintage Necklace: thrifted here in Eugene. The stones are all green on the other side for some reason. I have a similar necklace that was my mom's. She said they were popular in the 70s and held perfume.
Are you getting in the mood for Halloween as well? I sure hope so. Be sure and check out some real flapper chicks in my 20s scrapbook before I say goodbye for some inspiration if not (it includes pirate hats and hula girls fyi.) Bye now!


  1. oh mu gosh! you know i LOVE that dress & necklace!!

  2. I'm loving the dress and the sweater, you always have great finds!


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