October 29, 2010

Halloween Part One: Teen Witch or Bewitched Junior

This isn't my "real" costume, just my daytime look for the saturday before halloween. Something that says "I am celebrating, but still need to do practical things so please don't pay too much attention." I imagine myself as a Samantha Stevens, from Bewitched, when she was still a student.
Except for the tights, which are by Betsey Johnson, everything I'm wearing was thrifted and then just whipped together today in five minutes. I know the hat is not quite witchy enough, which is why I consider this a teen or junior teen look.
The dress is from the 1950s and I would definitely wear it on a normal day, too. It felt slightly witchy to me because the chiffon gathers to form a point at the waist (not sure if the photos do it justice).
More halloween goodness coming up, but please share your costumes with me, too!


  1. You look cute as usual. :) I just posted my Halloween costume, I am going to be "Red Riding Hood".


  2. Lovely dress, can't wait to see your Halloween outfit!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. hehe love it! xx


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