October 22, 2010

Designer Palette and Some Thoughts on Color

Color is my friend. My favorite colors? All of them. But I only rarely like to think of colors as single entities, such as red or blue. Instead, I prefer to approach the world and my creative ventures in terms of palettes. Even in the yoga studio, I pick out my mats, blocks, etc. based on what I feel would create the color scheme most appropriate to my mood and intention. My jaw dropped when I saw this knit dress from the late 30s or early 40s at Nobody's Baby. I swear the colors are similar to some used in past Missoni and Miu Miu collections.
I free-piled some camping plates recently in a similar scheme:
Oh, and that is a close-up of my 30s bakelite bracelet that I thrifted for a dollar in rural Oregon last fall. It's in my top-ten thrift scores.
This is how dorky I am. I specifically asked Malin Laney to get a photo with the pumpkins and elephant toy. The main reason I love this dress's color palette is that it reminds me of late afternoon on a sunny fall day. Are you particularly sensitive to color? Or at least have passionate feelings?
*70s carpet bag: recently thrifted
*tassel: Argentina
We took these photos on 10/10/10 and I wanted to be sure and participate in the world wide photo celebration of this auspicious day. I'll post my lomo photos soon, maybe tomorrow.
until then,

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