October 26, 2010

Betty Draper x Pacific Northwest = not matching at all but still in public

Have you ever put together an ensemble that didn't really match but you felt like wearing regardless? Some days I just can't match my clothes. It appears that my optimum comfort level can only be obtained by wearing X and Y and Z, coordination be damned! Case in point, when I mix elements of Betty Draper's style with what I consider my Pacific Northwest look:bettyxpnw04
The sweater is all Betty, the shoes PNW, and the dress is in both worlds.  I had to wear all three things yesterday or else. The silhouette and era give the dress its Betty-ness, while its color scheme reminds me of Oregon and Washington's moody skies.
My purse matches even less, but this is what I am carrying around all the time these days.
These photos were taken in Deluxe, by fellow blogger Amelia.
*early 60s dress and sweater: Deluxe
*70s mukluk-style shoes: thrifted
*belt and sunglasses: thrifted
That's me singing "no flash" to the tune of TLC's "No Scrubs."
This is a close-up of my awesome halloween-themed nails and the beading on the sweater (see top left corner).
Although this photo is blurry, I just loved it and wanted to end this way because smiles look good with everything, wouldn't you agree?

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  1. love the nails!
    looks like you had fun there.. I like your blog, stay cool...


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