September 28, 2010

vintage yard-sale style: introducing my yellow boots

My favorite local vintage shop, Nobody's Baby, had a yard-sale on Saturday. I took the opportunity to photograph a beloved outfit dujour made all the more fashionable by my new diana mini:
(note intrigued skater in background)
Let's start with the boots from this very shop. Reasons they rule:
1. they are mod
2. they are western
3. they are both mod and western
4. they are bright yellow

As the weather gets moodier and cloudier around here, I find it important to perk myself up with bright colors, which actually look great against gray. (That must be why they have red buses and telephone booths in one of the most stylish cities ever, London.)

*skirt: Goodwill. Due to my ignorance and the skirt's total lack of tags, I have no idea where this garment originated. I can tell that it is newer, though.
*top: hand-me-down
*vintage 70s belt: thrifted (Virginia)

Here is a local stylish individual whose outfit reminded me a bit of the artwork on one of my favorite blogs Hooper's Electric:

Here are some pictures of the yard-sale itself taken in 1/2 frame format with my new diana mini:

(the owner)

And of course you're wondering what I got. Mainly art themed around roses:

And of course, Baby Eunice:

Also a repro-flapper dress which is itself now vintage, dating from the 60s. I love now vintage repros, it's like gazing back into the past which itself gazed into the past. Meta. Whoa. The dress looks pretty blah on a hanger, so I will have to wear it somewhere fabulous. Or halloween, whichever comes first.
'til next time,


  1. Those yellow boots are fantastic.

  2. Those boots are amazing!!!! I never yard sale. Apparently I'm missing out!

  3. perfect outfit!
    that skirt has such a great print

  4. i adore this outfit! totally thought that the shirt and shirt were a dress. is it wrong that i would dig some close ups of the new boots? give me shoe porn.

    now vintage repros are the shit!

  5. I really like the painting too. What do you think about it?

  6. I love those boots, it looks good with that dress. Thank you very much for sharing.
    naot shoes


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