September 23, 2010

stubborn transition into fall and introducing the grandpa sweater

Yesterday I had a hard time figuring out my karmically intended outfit and a bad hair day. It was a royal b*t@h getting a decent photo. But I still want more outfit posts so I'm making up for it by pretending these portraits were spontaneous polaroids by a totally naive hand:

*Vintage early 60s dress: Deluxe (matching jacket not pictured)
*70s Sandals: thrifted
*belt: a local arts/crafts recycling center

I felt a bit uninspired/confused by the transition into fall and needed to resist the urge to wear the sailor dress again. So I went for a cotton dress in the blue family. Also I can't decide on the shoes, if they are orthopedic ugly or a comfier version of the cutout platforms I adore. Your thoughts?
A source of wardrobe stress for me is matching things because I gravitate towards patterns and sorta lack basics. Hence why I would cover up with this grandpa sweater:
*Vintage 70s grandpa sweater: thrifted (Portland).
These days I wear it over everything.  I found it at this thrift store where I somehow always manage to score oversized 70s sweaters (also early 60s dresses half the time... pretty great).
Speaking of grandpas, want a closer look at my necklace?
*heart charm: childhood gift from my actual grandpa, RIP
*world's smallest pocketknife: Cargo in Portland.
Today I also had a stichomancy reading which was transcribed into this charming "book" complete with a "spine"! (by Mild Bill at Indelible Ink). This simple photocopy will serve as serious inspiration in time...
'til then,


  1. cute shoes, i think... maybe. i like ugly things, though, so don't count on me 100%.
    going to portland this weekend but let's try to plan a trip for next week?

  2. I always have trouble styling grandpa sweaters, but yours looks great with that dress.

  3. i love those shoes

  4. You have the cutest style! <3

  5. GREAT sweater, I'd wear it constantly. Love love the necklace.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. Lock your door, I'm coming to steal your shoes.


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