September 12, 2010

Introducing the Sailor Dress plus Nail Art

During my last day in Buenos Aires I scored this amazing sailor dress from a delightful shop called Think Pink as well as this purse from a shop featuring various local designers (no tag sadly). They're both so versatile and simple perfect that you will no doubt see them featured here again.
This is the perfect during-the-day dress and it layers super well. This is probably the simplest way I'd style it, although ideally my slip would have been pink. By the way, having a smiley makes me want to act this goofily cheerful all the time.
*flannel mary-janes: target
second attempt at Konad nail art; sally hansen hd

I've been really into touches of yellow lately, as I am wont to do. This week's manicure introduces my latest foray into the world of nail art using the Konad stamping system, this being my second attempt. Although I'm still learning, it certainly beats decals. (Stay updated with my manicures here). Sorry I couldn't get a better photo.

Fringed and studded leather was very popular in Argentina and I was happy to find this handmade purse.
*vintage sunglasses: Deluxe


Here's a closer view of my earrings (thrifted about five years ago in New York) along with a yellow fairly recent thrift score.
More from the sailor dress this fall...


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