September 20, 2010

I heart my new inner lip tattoo!

This Monday, let's jump right into it:
the prettiest inner lip tattoo ever! by Kendra at Indelible Ink
Yep, that's my new inner lip tattoo. I've fancied one for a while now, but originally wanted to get the acronym DILLIGAF? which stands for "does it look like I give a fuck?". But then I was like "um, Melina, let's get real a moment, you so do give a fuck, like it or not'." I thought that Love contained the same sense of independence as DILLIGAF? minus the hostility, more free-spirited but less rebellious. If that makes any sense. It's sort of a reminder to speak the truth and try to be a better person every day. <3
This wasn't nearly as terrible as I imagined, actually the least painful of any tattoo I've gotten.

That's the lovely Kendra at Indelible Ink who is a thrift wizard in addition to tattoo artist (note amazing clock on wall).
Did you notice my Hello Kitty clip? This is my first attempt at teasing my own hair. (you'll meet the yellow boots soon.)
and voila! I heart hidden tattoos because they remind me of an amazing movie called The Pillow Book, a must-see for tattoo artists and writers alike. Til next time,


  1. Yay! That is sooooo fantastic!
    I love it and you wear it so well!!!!

    xoxoxo, Jinxi

  2. I love it!!! Im glad you do give a fuck and you got this one instead.

    Thanks for friending me on IFB, hope you check out my blog again soon:)


  3. I know I already told you this, but I love love love it!

  4. Oh shit! I love the Pillow Book! Not too many people know of that movie!! Congrats on lip tat...I don't have one but have been witness to many (my man is a tat artist)! Seems like a weird sitting, weird in a good way...xo

  5. OooooOOOOooo! Was it painful? And...your hair clip... :)

  6. YOW! i got one little tattoo on my wrist and still remember the pain. but i'm a total wimp.
    PS i LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos from argentina! i've always wanted to go there and have never had the chance.

  7. I would get that tattoo because my parents would never know! Wait a minute, anyone who makes a pussy statement like that should never get a tattoo anyway. Ok I'll never get one.

  8. A friend of mine got a tatt on her lip and I freaked out when I saw it. I'm a pussy and could never get inked up anywhere. I love love love your sailor dress.

  9. I loooove hidden tattoos, this one is a beaut.




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