August 20, 2010

Ponies 10:30am...

...was the text message I got last Tuesday night before the following photo session:


My friend, her baby and I got all dressed up to take a ride through a hazelnut orchard (btw: here in Oregon they call them filberts).  It was all thanks to the semi-angelic Phred and his beloved ponies. He is so hard-core, he's picked up a friend from the airport in a pony-driven buggy.


*50s dress: Nobody's Baby
*70s boots: Red Light (Portland)
*Vintage saddle-bag: E-bay (cuz I'm a greedy bitch)
*Hand-made contemporary petticoat: thrifted


My friend's outfit was also pretty groovy, eh?


That would be the Fire Breathing Munchkin.


Me pointing back at the baby.


Group portrait minus baby.


Cuz we've got mad crazy love for legs on this blog.


As you can see, I brought along my borrowed Diana F+:

Thanks again to White Lightning for inspiring this type of self-portrait.

This photo inspired the following haiku:
Ponies ten-thirty a.m:
a magical day.
bells chimed as we moved through hay.


My gelfling wings are finally revealed.

(taken in front of a private garden near a fish stand off River road, thanks M.M..)

You can see more lomo photos from that day on my flickr site.
Glad I could share this beautiful experience with you,


  1. So jealous you hung out with ponies :)

  2. Love your multiple exposure photos. My Diana Mini uses 35mm films, actually, so it has been quite easy for me to find films. They are cheaper, too.

    And regarding the prison-like building...that's an extension of our apartment building. I think our landlord meant to make it look like a castle but with it being unpainted, it does look like a prison tower. Haha

  3. I like these photos a lot. As well as the most recent one with le petit monkey pedro. How much fun it must be to look down at your feet to and blue dress to see such fabulous colorful style.

  4. Those white cowboy boots are AWESOME!


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