August 16, 2010

Outfit: Introducing Dark Romance

Today's Outfit post introduces a style trend that I seem to be cultivating lately that I call Dark Romance.

(hard time with pictures that day)
Dark Romance is inspired by Tim Burton movies, Flemish paintings, Camille Rose Garcia ink drawings and especially my recently revived early adolescent obsession with Marilyn Manson. I haven't been interested in wearing black as much since my poseur-goth days.

*Vintage 70s dress: thrifted in Virginia 7 years ago, sadly this is the first I'd worn it although I've always been thinking of it. Ever get that way, where you just don't know how to wear something?
*Platforms: Kitsch
*Purse: thrifted (Virginia)
*Vintage 50s Jacket: thrifted


Elements of Dark Romance:
*black, especially worn in conjunction with
*glitter, sequins and rhinestones.
*lace, velvet, vinyl and dotted swiss
*narrow waists and full hips
*silver jewelry
*touches of pink, red and purple
*heart, floral and super feminine details, the more miniature the better

More thoughts on this trend as they progress...


  1. clear platforms??? amazing!

  2. your expression is saying "i'm fabulous and that should be fucking self-evident."

    i think it's the high-low style clothing mixing that makes this style work. very granny-meets-stripper in the best possible way.

  3. That dress is fantastic, and Dark Romance is a perfect discription.

  4. oh yes, i do recall. i'd never forget such a special dress! the current date or people's phone numbers...perhaps.

    i drove down to roanoke with my friend normajean to pick up a washer/dryer for her apartment, and of course hit the goodwill. i got ELEVEN dresses! and a two piece suit which i will affectionately call "ladybird."

  5. Ever like something so much you want to hit yourself in the head with a shoe? That's how I felt looking at you wearing this white knit/lace dress with the tattoo on your foot with the clear heels. Something about the white texture with the bluish grey of your tattoo seen at a distance.

    Some magazines have been featuring Vamped looks in light of Twilight's influence. Have you seen the YSL campaign- man, they should've used you for the dark queen look, cuz I kinda detest the images they used.


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