August 09, 2010

I heart Lomo, part I

In keeping with the Much Love Monday tradition (because why not start even the mundane with a positive attitude?):


A very generous friend of mine lent me his gorgeous diana f+ lomo camera and I am certainly in love. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from today, more of which you can see on my flickr set.

I used a 35mm backing, which exposes the entire film, including the sprockets. As the photos were not developed accordingly, the crops were different than I anticipated. It's the thrill of surprise and analog magic that makes lomo so wonderful to me. That and the psychedelic colors of course.

(not sure why my scanner has developed a streaking effect lately)


Title: Her Name is Ava Marie




(Can't wait to double-expose this same shot with one of Amelia.)


Um, when I learned what could be done with double exposure, I realized I must buy a lomo camera of my own, asap.





Flower colors come out so trippy!


(not a double exposure actually)

I recognize that flowers and babies are rather cliche subjects. For good reason; they damned photogenic! And look magical when captured with the diana f+.


I am excited to see what can be done with lomo and architectural photography. Stay tuned: not only do I get to borrow this beauty for another week, but color film is on clearance!
Thanks again for joining me, I hope you enjoy lomo as much as I do,


  1. Oh this photos turned out great!!!

  2. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for leaving such nice comment at No Signposts! And wow, these photos are amazing. I don't know anything about photography, but wow, trippy flowers indeed!

  3. Oh oh, I didn't mean to sound negative about hispters on my blog. I have been called one and I really don't mind, really. I just happen to like the things I like that if they are things that hipsters like, too, I really don't care.

    Aaand you really should get yourself a Diana. I am having a great time experimenting with double exposures, too! They are especially fun with my boyfriend's Fisheye lomo :)

  4. Nice! I've had a Diana for a while and haven't gotten the chance to take it out yet! My plans changed and I didn't get to stop anywhere on my way up to Portland. Oh, rideshares. So many missed chances! See you in the future, my friend.

  5. I heart double exposures!

  6. These are great! I love Lomography, it's such a thrill to get film photos developed and see what you get. :)


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