August 17, 2010

I heart Hinterglas and Dark Romance

Celebrating yet another Much Love Monday (just barely), I wanted to share these amazing shoes and art which exemplify dark romance:

[[Do I have to keep crediting my blog heroine for inspiring this type of self-portrait?]]

First, the shoes: Um, basically they are shoe porn from the late 1940s. There is a rhinestone at each intersection in the latticework of the heart. (!!!)   I was glancing at Exotique a few days before finding these at Deluxe for under ten bucks. Proof my thrift darshan (to be explained later) works brilliantly.

More Importantly: art! My friend Abby makes dreamlike and beautiful tinsel art she calls hinterglas and I'm honored to own one of her first pieces made especially for me. (The photo is not so great, so in case it's not clear, that's an owl sitting on a deer.) In these photos, (graciously taken by Amelia) I wanted to capture the dreamy yet seedy mood of 40s smut featuring the art as my lover:


Abby holds writing amongst her many talents so I will use her own words via her Etsy shop:
''Hinterglasmalerei" is the German word for paintings done on the reverse side of glass. The 19th century American folk art iteration of this craft, tinsel painting, was likely brought here from Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire but may also have had roots in Russian icon painting. Over time, tradition evolved to trend and these glass paintings, laid over scrap foil from tea packages, were designed to imitate the gilded federal mirrors paintings of wealthy French and English households. From the 1830's on, tinsel painting was popular as an affordable way for ladies to introduce a bit of glitter into their parlors.  [Her] tinsel painting is a contemporary exploration of this traditional style. Each one is hand painted from an original sketch onto the glass insert of a carefully selected vintage frame

Here are a couple other examples of her delightful and constantly evolving work:


Who knew tinsel art could be kinda heavy metal?


Whales for every taste and budget.


I love her attention to wonder and simplicity, like in the telling "mouse tail" shapes within this doug fir cone. Is it any wonder I should be so smitten with my own special piece?


*1950s dress: also from Deluxe

Well everyone, thanks for stepping into my boudoir and dark romantic fashion fantasy. Please check out more of Abby's work (did I mention it's priced very affordably?)


  1. Gorgeous shoes!!
    Lady Peach

  2. whoa, i can see me little deer has a fun & sleaze filled night ahead of him! how appropriate to pair him up with "hart" shoes!
    thanks for the post!

  3. the shoes plus the sleaze makes me think of the Black Dahlia. NOT the (probably terrible) movie... just the woman and her lore. can't believe those were < $10!! so gawjus.
    i likes Abby's stuff.... maybe she'll get a new customer soon.


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