August 03, 2010

I heart... hearts!

I am totally obsessed with hearts right now and want to see them everywhere a million different ways. Today's casual application of said obsession:

I can't help it if I accidently channel Lolita from time to time...

*heart sunglasses: Nobody's Baby (only the red pair are actually mine though)
*shoes: Italy, they are my ugly-chic staple these days
*90s Guess by Marciano jumper: yard sale
*black top: free pile

But my love for hearts goes further than that...

... I have 5+ glittery hearts per finger right now. Not entirely sure how much I do or don't like this particular manicure; there is nearly a 1/4 inch of varnish on each nail! Your thoughts?

(You'e seen the pendant here before, but not in such great detail.)

Well, thanks again for joining me. Need I say


  1. hearts are the best!! You look adorable.

  2. I'm totally digging the heart manicure--I love good nail art!

  3. those shoes are perfect!
    that yellow with that jumper is one of the best colour combos ever.

    I like the nails a lot!

  4. Hello Mreena pet. I like v.much your obsession with hearts, and your manicure plus pendant picture. Also very much aime your recent posts. Looks like you saw some fun sights at the Fair. Can't wait til some of your hand mades make it to Etsy. Looking forward to that immensely!
    I got my first pedicure this weekend and I love it. Maybe I can swing a regular one (with sparkly stars) each month?

  5. Have you seen these images?

  6. Love the hearts, too, Melina! The ugly chic shoes keep it from being too Lolita, lol! XO!

  7. I need those glasses.... :) As for the nails, I wish I could have the time to do them! Yours look so detailed. It's totally up to you if you like them. They don't look bad at all.

  8. cute shades. I wanted to get some like these last year but then they were sold out in pink :-(

  9. hehe! four eyes. love the heart shades of course. adore the jumper on you too

  10. Those sunglasses are so cute.
    I love your nail polish! Last week I painted my nails blue and put silver stars on them in a similar way :) I've got little pink hearts too so I'm planning to do something with them sometime.

    Florrie x

  11. Actually, my favorite part might be the overall jumper... damn don't i love overall jumpers. the color is great, esp with those shoes and the black top. wish i had good eyes so i could wear crazy shades.


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